Baildon local area guide

How is the Baildon market performing?

House prices in Baildon have increased 11.1% over the past 12 months.

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Why move to Baildon?

The small town of Baildon is positioned three miles north of Bradford city centre and sits on the periphery of Leeds, bordered on two sides by Ilkley and Guiseley with Shipley and Bingley to the other sides. Baildon was historically popular with the mill workers of Bradford who used to retreat to the area to take advantage of the rural landscape which includes Baildon Moor and Shipley Glen.


Local market

The property market in Baildon is always popular as many residents choose to remain living within the area and also driven by people moving into the area who wish to take advantage of the village life and community offered by the Village, as well as excellent local schools and various recreational facilities.

The area is now a popular choice for those looking for properties in the surrounding suburbs of Guiseley and Menston who have widened their circle of choice by a couple of miles and are looking for greater value for money from a property. Property prices range from around £120,000 for a small stone built cottage in the village centre, to £800,000 for a detached family home that sits off West Lane with good sized gardens.

Rented property prices in Baildon are strong owing to low supply of particular property types. Two bedroom apartments can be rented for around £550-£600pcm as can small two bed terraced properties. Three bedrooms often go for £750-£850pcm depending on its position within the village and condition. The average four bedroom detached family homes tend to have a ceiling price of around £1200pcm in this area.



Families are drawn to the area due to the good schools of; Baildon, Shipley and Guiseley. Residents working in the city can escape to the village but be near to transport links and city life. Baildon tends to keep existing residents and there is a large retired population with their families also residing and choosing to live or remain in Baildon.

Famous residents of Baildon include Richard Madeley (TV presenter), Sir Titus Salt (famous for mills supplying Alpaca Wool and creation of Saltaire Village Heritage site) and Ian Clough (1939-1970) who was one of the best British climbers of his time.



The types of properties within Baildon vary from appealing stone built cottages and former farm buildings dating back to the 1800s. Moving slightly out of the centre you will find slightly more modern family homes ranging in style from Victorian terraces to 1930's semis to detached larger style properties, many of which are of an individual design.


Retail and hospitality

Baildon has a good selection of shops restaurants and take-aways. It has a Co-op in the town centre, but for larger supermarkets you have nearby Shipley and Guiseley. There are also easy transport links to Leeds City Centre where there is the new Trinity Shopping Centre with good high street stores, great pubs and restaurants.


Sports and history

Baildon has easy access to Baildon Moor which features Baildon Golf Course (golf is a prominent activity for many residents). Baildon is also home to Baildon Rugby and Cricket club. Shipley Glen is also nearby and features the oldest running tramway in the UK. Near to this is the world heritage site of Saltaire Village.



There is a train station in Baildon which takes you directly to Bradford and Ilkley, or change at Shipley for Leeds.