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Use of contact details: By providing your details above or over the phone, you agree to be contacted - to arrange a valuation - by phone and/or email by: (1) Your Move, if your property is located where a Your Move branch operates; or (2) a Your Move group company, a Your Move or Your Move group company franchisee, or a selected unaffiliated estate agent - if your property is not located where a Your Move branch operates.

Free Rental Valuation

Find out how much you could earn by letting your property?

Arrange for one of our local property experts to carry out a rental valuation free of charge to find out how much you could earn from letting your property. Call free on 0808 168 9108^ or complete our online rental valuation request form. A member of staff will contact you within 24 hours to arrange your valuation at a time to suit you.

At your valuation we will:

  • help you understand how much monthly rent you could earn
  • explain the costs involved in letting a property, and the yield you will earn
  • tell you about the letting market in your area 
  • talk you through the letting journey
  • explain the lettings services offered by Your Move

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If your property is not in an area where a Your Move branch operates, we can ask another estate agent to arrange a valuation with you. Please see the “use of contact details” section below the property valuation request form.

It is Your Move’s policy to respect any sole agency agreement currently in place. We will not market your property until this has expired or has been terminated. If you do not terminate any previous agreements you could be liable for more than one set of fees.