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Renting with pets

Considering whether or not to accept a tenant with a pet can be a difficult decision for a landlord, as they invest a lot of time and money in their rental property.

But if you know how, you can make it work for both you and your landlord (and your pet). Here’s our advice for securing your pet-friendly rental.

Do your homework

Produce a pet-biog

Document all the relevant information that may help to set your landlord’s mind at rest that you are a careful pet owner: Veterinary practice, history, emergency care contact, record of vaccinations. If they know that you look after your pet well that should assure them that you will take care of their property.

Get a pet reference

Demonstrate that you are a responsible owner by asking a previous landlord for a reference. Veterinary practices may also be able to vouch for you. Try inviting a potential landlord to visit you and your pet at your current address to demonstrate that the house is in good repair and the pet is well behaved.

Time it right

Leaving your house-hunting to the last minute may restrict your chances of finding a pet-friendly property. Check your notice period and ensure your search fits within the relevant timescale.

Try to be flexible

Expand your search criteria

If possible, don’t restrict yourself with excessive requirements. Considering other locations and property types may offer more possibilities.  

Cleaning solutions

Flea infestations, pet hair, dirt and strong odours are all a worry to landlords where pets are involved. If you offer to have the property professionally cleaned at the end of the tenancy it’s another confirmation of your suitability as a tenant.

Keep communications clear

Honesty is always best

Introducing a pet without permission or putting your landlord under pressure to allow a pet once you have moved in will lead to bad feeling, potential breach of contract and in the worst-case scenario eviction.

Get written permission

Once you have permission for a pet, ensure that the terms are written into your contract to prevent future misunderstandings.

In summary, if you are open and flexible about your intentions and treat your landlord’s property with respect then you should have many happy years ahead renting with your furry-friend.