How much is my house worth?

For a free house valuation, our online house valuation calculator will give you a fast and easy estimate of how much a property might be worth. If you are thinking of buying or selling your house, or you are looking to find out how much rent you can get for your house this useful online house valuation tool can give you an estimated current market value.

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What is an Instant Online House Valuation?

An instant house valuation can provide you with an estimate figure of how much your house is worth. Using data from the land registry, Your Move provides both a sales value and a rental valuation for each enquiry. 

How accurate is it?

Our instant online house valuation calculator uses data from the land registry, your postcode, and some basic information about the type and size of your property to give as accurate a value as possible.

For the most accurate house valuation you can book an appointment with one of our local agents to come out and provide a more accurate value which can then take into consideration any additional features. 

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How does it work?


Complete the Online Valuation Form

Select whether you are after a Sales Valuation or a Rental Valuation, enter the postcode of the property you want a valuation done for and select the house number from those suggested. You will then be asked how many bedrooms the property has.
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Provide your Contact Information

We will then ask you for your contact details so we can send you the valuation by email. We will also ask you to let us know why you are requesting the valuation – is it because you want to sell the house, buy the house, or if you’re curious about its value?
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Your Valuation Report

You will be given an instant valuation for the property on screen. As this is an estimated value for the property you will be given the option to then book an appointment with the local branch to get a more accurate valuation.
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Not the result you were looking for?

For the most accurate valuation of your property book an appointment with one of our local estate agents to come out and personally value your property.

The benefit of this is that they can then take into consideration any modifications, additional features and the general condition of the property and surrounding area to offer you a more accurate property valuation. 

Our local experts can give you an accurate valuation 

See what local experts think your home is worth.  If you're getting ready to sell or are just super curious, we recommend getting a free, in-person valuation from a local estate agent.

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If you are looking for how much properties sold for in your area, check out our recently sold house prices index.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about House Valuations.

How do I find the value of my property?

If you are planning to sell your house or rent your house out, there are two ways to get a property valuation done. You can either get an instant online valuation or arrange a property valuation.

The Online Valuation gives you an estimated price for your house which is generated automatically using Land Registry data and property listings data in your local area, based on your address. This does not take into account any developments made to a property.

Alternatively you can get a more accurate property valuation done for free from one of our local Your Move estate agents who will come out to your house to do an inspection in person. This is a great way to find out how much a house is worth.

Your Move offers both online sales valuation and online lettings valuation for your house.

How is an online valuation done?

An online property valuation tool uses a computer algorithm to estimate the value of a property based on information such as the property’s location, size, age and information from the Land Registry data, as well as information about other property listings in the area.

To obtain an online valuation, simply use the Your Move Online Valuation calculator. You will need to input your postcode and find the address of the house, and then provide details about the house such as the number of bedrooms, the type of property (i.e., is it a house or a flat), and any additional features such as a garden or garage.

The online valuation tool will then analyse recent house sale prices of similar properties in the local area and provide an estimated property valuation for the property.

It is important to note that an online valuation is only an estimate using available data. It may not take into consideration factors such as the condition of the property, local market conditions and other variables which could affect the house price.

Are online valuations accurate?

Online valuation tools can provide a rough estimate if you’re wondering “how much is my house worth”, but they may not be as accurate as getting a property valuation done a professional property valuation expert.

If you are looking to sell your home and need a more precise and reliable property valuation done, it’s advisable to book a free property valuation with one of the Your Move local estate agents in your area. They can come round to your house to do an in-person inspection and will be able to take into consideration unique characteristics of your house, and market conditions.

Do I have to pay for a property valuation by an agent?

It depends on the agent you choose to book an appointment with, however, Your Move offer free property valuation with no-obligation to sell with us. We work on a ‘No sale, no fee’ basis so we only charge our fee when we sell your property. Fees start from as little as 0% if you choose to sell through the modern method of auction. Get in touch with our friendly team to book a free property valuation.

What do estate agents look for when valuing a house?

When doing a property valuation an estate agent will look at factors such as access to local transport links, road noise, risk of flooding, how close to local amenities the house is, as well as the general condition of the property in comparison to the immediate neighbourhood.

Other things to factor in to a property valuation could be things like the type  and size of the property, it’s location, age, garden size, development potential and the value of similar properties in the local area.

Do they take photos at a house valuation?

No, estate agents do not take photos at a valuation. However you should still ensure that your property is presentable, clean and inviting for the estate agent valuation visit. We have some top tips for a good first impression of your property, but the main one is to consider how you can use natural light and space to create a more spacious and inviting house.