VAT information

These are the VAT number for Your Move and its franchisees.

Branch  VAT Number
Your Move GB842795983
Your Move Andrew Nicholson GB887510590
Your Move Anscombs GB838997350
Your Move Attenborough & Co 926071433
Your Move Bailey & Bryant GB850342156
Your Move Bennetts  GB875613204
Your Move Charterhouse GB896307484
Your Move Chris Stonock GB909309418
Your Move Edwards GB862870987
Your Move First GB875416205
Your Move Frank Farr GB851839108
Your Move Furness-Lyman GB914833520
Your Move Glenwood GB858627183
Your Move Hobin Roberts GB835027246
Your Move Ian McCarthy 925098704
Your Move James Barrett 895228484
Your Move Jameson Owen GB830742934
Your Move Mary Ashton GB901920259
Your Move McLaughlin GB92397500
Your Move Murray Rogers GB806789195
Your Move National Home Move Limited 315255523
Your Move Neil John GB887054489
Your Move O’Neil GB798370473
Your Move Oliver James GB942246430
Your Move Petty Freeman GB844078026
Your Move Roebuck Residential GB898431865
Your Move SDS GB890683779
Your Move Stewart & Co  170674404
Your Move Stewart Filshill GB874753188
Your Move William Rose GB879587928