Not everyone expects to become a landlord.

In fact, our recent research into the UK lettings market found that more than a quarter of landlords fall into this ‘unexpected’ category. If this sounds like it might be you, then rest assured, we understand the challenges this can bring.

Landlord quizzes: Test how much you know about becoming a landlord

Are you landlord ready?

Are you ready to be a landlord?

Do you have what it takes to be a DIY landlord? Test your knowledge of the lettings market here.

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How much does being a landlord really cost?

How much does being a landlord cost?

Get it wrong and being a landlord can cost you serious time and money. Find out how much it could cost you.

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Tales of the Unexpected: what is it like suddenly becoming a landlord?

Hear some of our landlords talk about their own journeys to becoming a first-time landlord, as well as the emotional and practical challenges they experienced along the way.


Find out how Pam became a landlord unexpectedly and how Your Move helped with getting her home ‘tenant ready’.

Melissa & Rob

Using a letting agent helped Melissa & Rob to find tenants, as well as providing them with advice on the lettings process.


Your Move helped Mel by guiding her through becoming a landlord and advising her on the legal responsibilities as a landlord.

How much could your house be worth?

Use our instant online property valuation to give you an idea of how much your house may be worth

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