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First time buyer guide

Whether you have bought a house before or are a first time buyer, buying a house is a complex process and there is a lot to consider.

Our guide to buying a house has six sections that you can follow in order to get a comprehensive understanding of the entire process, from saving to moving into your new house. Or, if you have bought before but need advice on specific aspects of buying a house, just read the section or sections that apply.

1) Costs of buying a house

A breakdown of the key costs involved in buying a property so you can create a realistic budget and work out what you can afford.

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2) Getting a mortgage

Understand the options available beforehand, and what paperwork you need for your mortgage appointment to start the process.

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3) Your property search

How to identify the right property and location to get your ideal home. Advice on what to consider before you start your property search.

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4) Viewing houses

When looking for your perfect home, get the most out of viewings by finding out what to look out for and the best questions to ask.

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5) Making an offer

Before making an offer on your chosen property, take a look at some of these factors to consider as well as how and when to negotiate.

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6) The move

Moving house is among the most stressful things we will experience. Use our house moving checklist to help remove some of the stress.

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7) Preventing property fraud

Here we provide details of 2 kinds of fraud that exist in the property market – and what action could be taken to prevent it.

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Embrace Financial Services usually charges a fee for mortgage advice. The precise amount of the fee will depend upon your circumstances but will range from £499 to £999 and this will be discussed and agreed with you at the earliest opportunity.