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First time renting guide

A guide to help you with the process of renting a house or flat

The current housing market has made renting property an increasingly important part of the way we live now. House prices have outstripped wages significantly, making it difficult to get on the property ladder, so renting can often be the best option.  

Property for rent doesn’t simply appeal to tenants who may be waiting or hoping to get onto the property ladder, but it also offers flexibility for those downsizing or moving into a new area.  It isn’t uncommon for estate agents to arrange viewings for potential tenants that include everyone from young singles moving into their own place for the first time to mature couples who are downsizing.

Although renting gives you greater flexibility than owning a property, it still takes time and money to find the right place and to move in, so it is worth putting some careful thought into finding somewhere that will suit you. 

1) Before You Start

Get financially prepared and know the costs and permitted payments involved in renting before your start your search.

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2) Find a Place to Rent

Establish your criteria for your rental property; so that your search is more productive.

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3) Budget for your Tenancy

Look deeper at your finances if you haven't already. Review the ongoing costs of running a rental property.

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4) Arrange your rental

The application process explained from what you will need to sign, and what helpful documentation you can expect.

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5) Tenancy responsibility

A tenant and a landlord have specific legal responsibilities to each other. Understand what they are and what to expect.

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6) Extend or end tenancy

Wanting to extend or end your tenancy early? Get all the information you need you know before doing so.

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7) Moving out

When your tenancy is due to end, find out what you need to do before moving out of the property.

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8) Preventing rental fraud

Don't be a victim of rental fraud. Read our article for information on how you can prevent this from happening to you.

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