First time tenant guide

Before You Start Your Rental Search

Make sure you are financially prepared for the rent and the permitted payments.

Before you move in you will also pay a security deposit and probably one month’s rent in advance.

These initial checks establish that you can afford the rent and therefore will make a good tenant.

See our information on Tenant Permitted Payments (for properties in England) and check with your local Your Move branch as these can vary from property to property.

Other things to consider

How long do you want the tenancy for? A tenancy is usually a minimum of 6 months. If you are not sure, you can ask for a tenancy to be extended but remember there are costs involved in extending your fixed term tenancy agreement.

Start gathering together documents that your agent will need to confirm your identity, immigration status, credit history and possibly employment status.

You can also check out the government's How To Rent: The Checklist For Renting In England.

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