First time tenant guide

Extending Your Tenancy 

Moving Out Of Your Rented Home

Cleaning costs and unpaid rent are the top reasons why deposit money is withheld when a tenant moves out of a rented property.

So before you move out, make sure you have paid any remaining rent that is due. Keep in mind that if you are paying by cheque it will take a few days for the payment to clear, so pay in plenty of time so that by move out day all monies have cleared and no rent is owed.

Give the property a thorough clean before you leave so it is in ‘move in’ condition for the next tenant.

If you have rented a property that is full or part furnished, inspect the furniture and check for any damage.

If you have caused any accidental damage then do get it repaired professionally.

Tips to help avoid problems:

  • Check the property against the condition report from when you moved in.
  • Compare the property now to any photos taken at the start of the tenancy.
  • Take photos when you leave.

Don’t forget to give your energy suppliers plenty of notice that you are moving out so they can organise a final bill. It is also a good idea to take meter readings on your final move out day for your records.

Inform any other suppliers that you are moving out such as Phone, Internet or TV.

Consider redirecting your mail and leaving a forwarding address with the landlord or agent.

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