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How is the Consett market performing?

House prices in Consett have increased 7.5% over the past 12 months.

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Why move to Consett?

Consett is a town in County Durham, high on the edge of the Pennines. Around 270 metres above sea level, Consett is one of the highest towns in the UK. The history of the town dates back to the 17th Century when it was only a small village to less than 150 people. Renowned locally for lead mining, the town also sits on the bank of the River Derwent which became the cradle of the British steel industry. Steel from Consett was used to manufacture Blackpool Tower and some of Britain’s nuclear submarines.

The town has seen a great deal of regeneration since these times and now boasts a variety of homes, businesses and leisure facilities. Major retailers can now be found in the town and a great deal of money has been injected into the area to build a sports complex (£44 million) and improve the secondary school, Consett Academy (£5.7 million).

Consett benefits from the Empire Theatre and Derwent Reservoir is a popular local beauty spot and one of the biggest inland waters in England.