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Leeds local area guide

How is the Leeds market performing?

House prices in Leeds have increased 10.4% over the past 12 months.

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Why move to Leeds?

Leeds is the unofficial capital of Yorkshire. A city at the heart of the action, bursting with life and cultural energy. A vibrant creative community, with award-winning national theatre and dance companies, superb educational facilities, a world-class arena, and a thriving independent food scene you won’t find anywhere else. A renowned retail destination, where big brands meet Victorian arcades. And a welcoming host for international sporting events, colourful carnivals, and a packed calendar of festivals and events. A skyline filled with breathtaking architecture, and a destination easily reached by road, rail and air.


The Local market

Just like the City the Leeds property market is very diverse and in recent years has experienced significant growth. There really is something for everyone, from affordable terrace properties, student accommodation, stylish City Centre apartments, lovely family homes and simply stunning multi-million pound mansions.



Leeds in its infancy began as a small manor and homestead by the name of Loidis deep in the forests of northern England.

The parish began to take on its more recent guise with the coming of the Normans in 1066. As the 11th century wore on, small holdings and farmsteads built around the estates between Morley and Skyrack began to merge into a collection of farmlands and manor houses.

Growth was slow, with the area holding little value as either prosperous farmland or a particularly defendable stronghold. The small town on the River Aire traded in wool and remained rather an insular community.

It wasn’t until the Tudor period that Leeds’ position within the British Isles changed. The expanding wool and cloth trade saw the Yorkshire community bubble into a thriving market town, trading with nearby Bradford and the wider county.

Leeds went from strength to strength and by the 1770s’ the town accounted for near 30% of the country’s woollen exports.

Like many northern towns, the Industrial Revolution hurled Leeds into the 19th century and a period of rapid, modern expansion.

With the industrial boom came the great mills that would come to dominate the city skyline. Cloth and wool were the main exports and Leeds’ proximity to the ports at Liverpool and Hull made it ideal as production headquarters.

The Leeds Liverpool Canal and the arrival of the rail network only furthered Leeds’ importance as a northern powerhouse and in the late 19th century, Leeds was granted city status.



Again with sport there is something for everyone, we’re delighted to once again have a premier league football team and Leeds is also the home to Leeds Rhinos and Yorkshire County Cricket Club. We have an abundance of award winning Golf Courses and with so much stunning countryside on our doorstep Leeds is a great base for most outdoor pursuits.



In recent years Leeds has had a major boom in development, with numerous major residential, retail and commercial developments. The has also been significant investment in the road and rail infrastructure along with Leeds Bradford Airport



There is plenty of choice of properties for all budgets, with flats and small terraces houses starting at well under £100,000 in some areas. The average price of a three bedroom semi is around £200,000, but you could easily pay twice that in some of the most exclusive parts of the City.  Detached family homes range from around £200,000 to well over the £1million bracket.

Demand for rental properties remains very high across the City with one bedroom properties starting at around £500 per calender month and there’s plenty of family homes from around £800 per month to well over £2000.


Restaurants and shopping

You don’t need to travel far in Leeds to find fabulous shopping and dining facilities. There are restaurants to cater for all tastes and budgets, offering food from around the world and a choice of retailers from small independent shops to all the major chains and brands. There are quaint traditional high streets and large out of town retail parks to choose from.