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Why move to Perton

Perton is a lovely large village and civil parish located in the South Staffordshire District, Staffordshire, England. It lies 3 miles to the south of Codsall and 5 miles west of Wolverhampton. The area is popular with a variety of people looking for an area with rural aspects, good commuting access, and modern housing.


Places surrounding Perton

Codsall is a large village in the South Staffordshire district of Staffordshire, England. It is situated north west of the city of Wolverhampton. Codsall village has a train station, and plenty of rural aspects, along with a variety of shops, The village is well suited to buyers who want either traditional housing or modern as it has a mix of both.

Pattingham is a village in South Staffordshire, near the county boundary with Shropshire. Pattingham is seven miles west of Wolverhampton and seven and a half miles east of Bridgnorth. The village has plenty of shops, restaurants, and shops, Pattingham would be ideally suited to a wide variety of buyers wanting the village life but still being in close proximity to all the amenities and travel links.

Albrighton is a large village and civil parish in Shropshire, England. It is located 7.5 miles Northwest of Wolverhampton and is best described as a dormitory village for the city. The village has its own train station and plenty of shops, restaurants, and shops. This area would also suit many buyers looking for the ultimate village life but staying close to amenities and travel links.


The Local Market

All of the villages have a good selection of properties to satisfy the demand in the area. Perton having the most modern of properties whilst Codsall, Pattingham And Albrighton house a mix of modern and older properties The housing market has risen in value in the past few years making these areas popular with buyers.



All the villages are handily placed to make commuting easy, Codsall and Albrighton have their own train station with links to London and the north, whilst Perton and Pattingham are nearby for access to the trains. Other areas within reach are Telford and the City of Wolverhampton.



Perton, Codsall, Albrighton and Pattingham have plenty of history between them. Perton was built on a first world war airfield, The village of Codsall still contains the Church of St. Nicholas its oldest building with a Norman doorway thought to date from the 11th century. Since medieval times, the area around the church, on the top of the hill, was the hub of the village with a windmill, village pond, forge, bakery and public house. Pattingham was originally a farming community but expanded housing in the mid- to late-20th century has led to it becoming a dormitory village Part of its St Chad's Church dates from the late 12th century. The church was rebuilt in the mid-17th century following a devastating fire. The origins of Albrighton can be traced back to the end of the sixth century. The name derives from the Anglo-Saxon meaning the farm or settlement of Aethelbeorht. Many places to visit include the RAF Museum at Cosford, and the world famous David Austin Roses, historic Tong Village and Boscobel House, with its association with the escape of the future King Charles II following his defeat at the Battle of Worcester.



These four villages have plenty of good schools. All the villages consist of primary schools, Perton also having a middle school. There is a also a secondary school in Codsall, and plenty of High Schools in Wolverhampton and Bridgnorth including the girls high school and the boys grammar school. The schools consistently do well in Ofsted reports.



The four villages have their own village shops, restaurants, local pubs, doctors, however there is easy access to the nearby city of Wolverhampton, and the town of Telford with both having main high street shops and plenty of further restaurants and a main hospital.