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How is the Rainham property market performing?

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Average property price in Rainham

Last 5 years
Based on the Land Registry data for properties sold within the postcodes that Your Move Rainham covers.
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Average rental price in Rainham

Last 12 months
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Why move to Rainham?

Rainham is considered one of the most prestigious of the Medway Towns, it provides much accessibility and functionality for residents within the Rainham area. Though once a small separate village it has grown into a popular and sought after location to settle down in. Rainham has a number of distinct areas such as Parkwood, Wigmore, Twydall along with Meresborough and Lower Rainham.



Facilities such as the Rainham Precinct Shopping Centre provide a local means of sustainable living with additional leisure and retail opportunities such as a local butchers, bakers and florist. Rainham Town centre also provides a number of popular medical facilities such as Rainam Healthy Living Centre and Parkwood Health Centre.


Transport and schools

Efficient travel is also available with the Rainham station and bus stop locations. If you are a family, Rainham also has schools on offer from Rainham Mark Grammar, The Howard school for boys and the Rainham school for girls, and has access to other Medway schools.



Rainham aims to provide as much service to your household. Either looking for short or long-term commitments, this location will give you what you need and more. Whether you look to rent or buy, Rainham will most likely hold a space for you and your loved ones and encourage a comfortable transition into your new home.