Search for properties to rent in Gravesend

Despite the slightly ominous name, Gravesend is a fantastic place in which to live and work for everyone, from retirees to young professionals and growing families. A town in the north-west of Kent and the south-east of England, Gravesend has a long and rich history. Settlement in the area dates back at least to the Stone Age, and Gravesend is one of the oldest market towns still active in England today, and eventually became the final resting place of Pocahontas. Shoppers can delight in the massive range of high-street and independent stores available in the town's centre, including the large St George's Shopping Centre. Even if dedicated shoppers exhaust the wide range of shops available in the town itself, London- and plenty more shopping opportunities- is less than half an hour away on the train! Such proximity to the capital also makes Gravesend a perfect location for young professionals, whilst growing families can enjoy the excellent range of both state-run and independent schools in the town. Sporty types can enjoy the local cycling centre, swimming pool and gyms. whilst foodies can enjoy a range of fantastic cafes and restaurants. Properties to rent in Gravesend range from beautiful, expansive and modern family homes to gorgeous Victorian-style terraces to affordable flats perfect for first-time renters.