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Cogs of compliance

What landlords should know about the main parties' economic and housing policies

A look at the policies that affect landlords, as outlined in the different...
Person looking at their tablet computer

Understanding 'Greyfield' land, a new approach to housing development

What is greyfield land, and how can the development of greyfield land help ...
Friends at Big Ben

Leasehold Reform Bill progressing quickly through Parliament

Leasehold reform has been under the spotlight for a couple of years now, an...
Woman with paperwork

How difficult is it to evict a tenant on your own?

If you’re letting in England and your tenancy is an Assured Shorthold Ten...
Family in the garden

How much value can a garden add to your home?

When the sun does come out! Many of us seize the first opportunity to ste...
Credit card

Lettings fraud: How to prevent it

Most tenancies run without any major problems and most tenants are decent, ...
Terraced homes

How to research an area to invest in for maximum returns

Whether you’re an aspiring landlord trying to decide where to invest, or ...
Row of houses

How to choose the right location when buying a new home

A key consideration when search for a new home is location. 

Does rent control really work?

Rent controls limit the amount of rent a tenant can be charged by a landlor...
Piggy bank

Rent collection: DIY vs managed

Making sure your tenant pays their rent on time and in full every month is ...
Two women

Are you ready to be a landlord? Take our quiz!

While many landlords make the deliberate decision to invest in Buy to Let, ...
Cogs of compliance

Latest changes to the Renters (Reform) Bill

The Renters (Reform) Bill was introduced to Parliament on 8th November 2023...

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