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Periodic checks - why do they happen and what do they involve?

Posted 22/06/2016 by Your Move
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Periodic checks are inspections of the property during the tenancy – usually every 3-6 months. These are arranged in advance with the tenant and carried out by either the landlord, their agent or someone like an inventory clerk. A copy of the check-in inventory report should be taken along, as well as a camera, so that the condition can be compared and any damage properly recorded.

The landlord’s view

You might feel like you’re intruding on your tenant’s privacy or bothering them, but there are some very good reasons for making these regular checks. Firstly, you get to see how well the tenant’s looking after your property and can make a decision about whether you’d be happy to re-let to them before the tenancy comes up for renewal. It also means you can give your tenants a ‘heads up’ about any issues or damage and a chance to put things right now, rather than them getting a shock when they check out. And thirdly, you can spot any maintenance issues that might not have been reported by the tenant and fix them, before they become a big problem. If you’re worried about having to deal with a frosty tenant or aren’t sure exactly what you need to check, it’s probably a good idea to have an agent or inventory clerk do the inspection for you.

The tenant’s view

Most tenants understand that these periodical checks need to be done and are pretty good about giving you access. However, some do feel like it’s an intrusion and don’t like the thought that they’ve got to tidy up when it’s their own home. You need to be sensitive with these tenants and try to work around them if they’d like to be there when the inspection takes place. They don’t always realise that these checks are as much for their benefit as yours, so explain that this will help you make sure their tenancy is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

The agent’s view

We inspect all our properties four times a year. That means we can give our landlords more accurate reports on their property and tenancy and take action if necessary, hopefully nipping any problems in the bud. That might mean speaking to the tenant about issues, instructing maintenance and repairs or even beginning eviction proceedings. We also find that these periodic reviews, carried out in the right way, help us build a good rapport with tenants which can be invaluable during disputes or when things go wrong. 

If you’ve got any concerns about carrying out periodic checks yourself, come and speak to us about our fully managed service or visit

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