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Quick Guide: increasing the value of your home before selling

Posted 23/07/2018 by Your Move
Categories: Selling

For many people who are looking to sell their home, a big question is whether they should spend precious time and money on renovations in the hope of increasing the property’s value, and ultimately getting a better selling price.

Well here at Your Move, we investigated what exactly would make people increase their offer on a house and here’s what we found.  

A nice kitchen goes a long way

Pro kitchen

We found that 33% of people would be encouraged to pay more for a house* if there was a brand new kitchen installed. However, it might be that you can’t afford reinstalling an entirely new kitchen so why not think about making a few amends to make it feel more modern such as a new splash of paint or upgraded worktops.

Get your gardening gloves on

Whilst you might not see the garden as a priority, we found that 17% of people would actually pay more for a house if it has a large, well-kept garden*. Therefore, you should see the garden as an extension of your home because it can peak a lot of buyer’s interests, especially if they’re a growing family.

Plenty of facilities

Interestingly, we also found that 17% of people would pay more for a property if there was more than one bathroom*, so it might be worth considering whether there is space to get one installed. Do you have a downstairs storage cupboard you never really use? Maybe think about a little bathroom conversion to help your chances at getting a better price when coming to sell.

Furthermore, another 17% claimed that a house would be valuable to them if there were plenty of parking spaces*. Obviously, if you live on a terraced street this may not be possible, but if you have a large front garden, you might want to consider converting it into a bigger drive so you can fit more than 2 cars in front of the house, and the potential buyers could come flooding in.

Ultimately, there are many more ways you can add value to your property, some of which you’ll find in our top tips for preparing your house for selling or you can book a valuation where one of our property experts can advise you. However, it is safe to say you can’t do everything but you should definitely do something because any aspect of your home in poor condition can really bring down its value. So whatever that is in your home, make that your ‘DIY’ or renovator’s focus before bringing your house to the market.

*Based on 18 Facebook answers to the question: What one thing would make you pay more for a house?' 

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