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Selling at Christmas. Your Move provides some top tips

Posted 4/11/2021 by Your Move
Categories: Selling
Christmas Decoration

The Christmas adverts have started, the online and high street shops are tempting us with festive treats and soon, whether we like it or not, there’ll be the pressure to get the decorations up to prove that we’re truly joining in the celebrations. Yet, if you are selling a property at the current time, can you still do that?  Here Ryan Oliver, Regional Managing Director at Your Move, offers his advice.

“Anyone selling a property knows that, to heighten the chances of it being bought at the price you’ve set – or even higher – it needs to be presented in the best way possible. For many it becomes the obsession to keep the place tidy; with toys quickly tidied away after play, beds always impeccably made, towels neatly folded and even the dog bowl – if you have one – hidden from site, yet it can be different at Christmas time or during any festival or occasion when decorations are in order.   

If you are thinking about selling, at Your Move, we’d always recommend that you have the interior and exterior marketing photographs or video taken before any decorations go up.

Whilst it can give the impression of a friendly family home, it’s not going to look great if that property is still being marketed past the event and could give the impression that you are finding it hard to sell it over the weeks that follow. Buyers might question why it’s not selling?

Externally too, what you think might be a great decoration, might not necessarily be the choice of potential buyers who may be dissuaded to view it online, or in person, simply because of the way you have ‘dressed it’. Big decorations, for example, might lead to fears that you are hiding something and raise questions about what the property really looks like, without the additions.   

Internally it’s important that decorations don’t distract attention from the features of the property and the size. Most of us know that feeling when the decorations come down and how big the rooms suddenly look; the opposite applies if you fill it with a large decorative items – or even new Christmas gifts - it could make it look smaller and negatively affect the buyers view of it. 

Buyers might also be wary of how decorations are being secured and what damage they may be making to walls, doors or even ceilings – it might be your home now, but it could be theirs soon. Think too about the Christmas tree. Avoid the temptation to water a real one just before a viewing - and the risk of a small flood (and more permanent stain) on the carpet as a result.  Buyers will be looking.

In summary, most people agree that even when selling a property, you can’t avoid celebrating big events but the overriding advice is, if you do, be subtle about it.  Most buyers would probably accept a small wreath on a door, a free standing tree (although an artificial one might be preferable), some cards dotted around and even a few lights outside – it may even lead them to imagine how they’d decorate it themselves – but try to do everything in moderation with the dream that, next year, you can go ‘full out’ with the decorations perhaps in the new place you’ll call home.

In order to take advantage of the possible post-Christmas spike in demand for property, book your free valuation appointment now; let us get the professional photographer booked before your Christmas decorations go up, then you can relax and enjoy Christmas in the knowledge that your home will be presented at its very best.

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