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The Dos and Don'ts of decorating your rental property

Posted 11/01/2024 by Alex Moore
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Decorating your new rental property is a great way to make your new place your home.

There’re lots of ways to put your own stamp on your new rental property without risking causing damage to the property and avoiding any potential rental deposit deductions.

That means you should be mindful of how you decorate your rental property. Don’t worry, this won’t limit your creativity.

There’re lots of ways to make your rental property feel like home, and here are just a few ideas to get you started.


1. Lighting

Lighting is an easy way to create a new atmosphere for your rental property. For example, you could put a lamp on a coffee table as a cosier alternative to having the main light on.

You could even save money on your energy bill with energy saving lightbulbs if they aren’t installed yet.

Lampshades are a good way to change how light defuses across each room of your rental property. You could even use a coloured lampshade to colour the light.

Remember, if you remove or change any fixtures or fittings that form part of your rental property’s inventory, these will need to be stored safely and put back at the end of the tenancy.

2. Rugs and throws

Rugs will help transform your rental property’s atmosphere by bringing in some colour and texture. They’ll also keep your feet warm too.

Rugs are great because they are temporary and won’t cause damage. You can even take them to your next home if the let on your rental property ends.

A throw is a nice way to switch up the tone of your rental property’s furniture too. A soft warm coloured throw on a black leather sofa will help lighten it up, and could even make it comfier too.

3. Add some greenery

Plants are a great way to breathe some life into your rental property. There are so many types of plants you could have, so your best bet is to head to the local garden centre and ask what plants they have available that would be suitable for a rental property like yours.

Do consider their size as you will need to take your plants with you if the let on your rental property comes to an end.

Make sure any plants you purchase are positioned to receive a good amount of sunlight from the window during the daytime, and make sure you water them regularly.

You should note that different plants will have different care requirements, so make sure you do some research first.

4. Use a corkboard to create a mood board

You’ll want to avoid sticking anything to the walls as this could damage the paint or wallpaper in your rental property.

If you already have screws in the wall, e.g. for an existing framed photo, you could invest in a corkboard to hang up.

As with any furnishings you are moving or replacing with your own, make sure you store any removed wall fixtures such as artwork or frames safely to prevent any damage.

A corkboard will let you pin up your favourite photos and memorabilia without the risk of causing damage to the walls of your rental property, and taking a dent out of your deposit.

You can even take your mood board with you to your next home if you end up moving into a new rental property or decide to buy a property of your own.

5. Showcase your prized possessions

With an existing shelf or by investing in a shelving unit, you can showcase your favourite belongings to really make your rental property your own.

If you’ve got a collection, or just possessions that are worthy of being displayed, showcasing them is a great way to fill the space with your personality.

You may have reservations about having your most valued possessions out on display. With tenant contents insurance you can be rest assured your belongings are covered.


Just because you’re renting doesn’t mean your rented property isn’t your home. It is, and you should be eager to put your own stamp on the place. If you ever have any ideas and are worried about what your landlord might think, ask them yourself.

If you are not in direct contact with your landlord, you can find the contact details for your local branch here where your local lettings staff will be able to help you further.

You’ll never know until you ask, and you don’t want to do something to your rental property that could lead to deposit deductions.


If something happened to the contents of your rental property, could you afford to replace them? Our partner First2Protect make it as simple as possible to get your contents insured. Request your callback today.

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