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Housing for students – why private housing could be the best option?

Posted 17/09/2021 by Your Move
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If you are a student moving away from home into rented accommodation, it can be an exciting and overwhelming prospect at the same time, and there is a lot to consider when choosing the right home for the next 12 months. University students and parents often believe that student accommodation is financially and socially the most beneficial option, but do not consider the pros of private housing. Here we provide further information about renting a private house and what the pros can be.

What is private housing?

A property owned by a landlord – either by an individual or a property company – which is then let to tenants. Usually, the tenants will work with an estate agency, who is acting on behalf of the landlord, or directly with the individual landlord.

Costs/ budgeting:

Living in private housing could lead to utility bills being cheaper, as you have the flexibility to set your bills to reflect how much you roughly use. Your supplier will help you find the right package based on an individual's daily usage. Living with your friends can also cut the costs of bills and helps when budgeting. Remember too that full-time students are exempt from council tax, but you must let your council know that you are an eligible student for this to avoid receiving a bill you weren’t expecting.

For some of our properties for University students, bills are included in the rent. Isn't that a relief! You will not have to worry about finding the cheapest energy supplier or great deals on broadband, just your rent!


When first looking for properties, it's natural to be attracted by the low prices for student housing and get carried away booking viewings, but if the property is miles away from campus you will spend a sum of your money on travel and time on the commute alone. It may take a toll on your social life as your friends may not want to travel the long distance, and you may feel left out on the spontaneous nightlife. Also, with your University schedule, you will need all the time you have. Often there will be private housing available to rent within close proximity to university campuses, shops, and nightlife all within different price ranges. It only takes the right search, and of course your local Your Move branch will be able to help. 

Who you will be living with:

The unsettling feeling of not knowing who you will be living with can be scary. Moving into private housing, you have the freedom to live by yourself or choose who and how many people you would like to live with. In the current global pandemic, it's probably wise to limit the number of people you are coming into close contact with and move in with a smaller group of people.

Quality of student housing:

The quality of student homes for rent has changed throughout the years. Many landlords offer a modern, secure, and homely feel compared to the often more sterile environment when living in student halls. You can often find properties with a lot more character, and you could also have the freedom to decorate your house to your liking (subject to the landlords approval). Here’s just a few examples of properties Your Move currently has for let and which are suitable for students.

And why not take a look at our special Guide to Student Accommodation. This provides a great step by step guide to renting as a student and could help you in finding your perfect pad for the next year, or even more.  - You can read our guide on our website here

All bills included

Brand new student development

Heart of the city centre

Furnished and decorated to a high standard

12 hour concierge service

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