Search for properties for sale in Exeter

Exeter is a city in the east of Devon, situated in the south-west of England more generally. The city is perfect for those looking for a charming, historic city with plenty to see and do, along with a fantastic nightlife and plenty of opportunities for young professionals and families alike. The history of Exeter dates back to a Roman fort in the area, before being ravaged by Vikings and the source of several medieval uprisings. Living in Exeter is a much more peaceful experience today, with the city offering plenty of gorgeous medieval architecture in the form of its towering cathedral and ancient abbey, combined with more sleek shopping and working areas. Exeter offers a truly fantastic shopping experience with plenty of high street stores to explore. Those who prefer to be a little more active in their spare time can find plenty to do in the local climbing centre, tennis centre and several leisure centres of the city; whilst foodies can explore the many restaurants and cafes in the area. The city is also the host of lots of fantastic theatres, showing everything from comedians to concerts to Shakespeare. Properties for sale in Exeter are almost as varied as the activities available there. From extensive family homes to gorgeous townhouses and modern apartments, Exeter has something for everyone.