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A smooth run for DIY landlords? It's not always guaranteed.

Posted 5/05/2021 by Your Move
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A smooth run for DIY landlords? It's not always guaranteed.

If you’ve found yourself letting a property, perhaps unexpectedly or as a result of a lifestyle change or event, you might consider it as a short term solution, perhaps before selling, or even an  ‘arrangement’ where you don’t consider yourself a landlord and just casually manage the let yourself. The DIY approach.

Whilst this can seem fine, especially if everything runs smoothly, the question is can you confidently say that this will always be the case? If not, now might be the time to consider the support of a letting agent, like Your Move, and the FREE offer they are now promoting (*). Here’s why.

Not all tenants are great

If there’s no formal tenancy agreement in place your tenant could leave at any time, without notice, and potentially leave the property in a state you weren’t expecting. An empty house, no rent and the prospect of having to make it ‘fit for purpose’ for any future tenant – if you can find one – isn’t great. Think too if the tenant begins to dispute the rent, question the state of your property or simply won’t pay. It’s up to you to sort it all out.

At Your Move we can be your ‘go between’ and sort out the problems for you. From drawing up tenancy agreements to negotiating with the tenant on your behalf (and so much more) we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly – so you don’t have to. And, when it comes to finding a new tenant, we’ll help you with that too.  

We’ll be able to conduct thorough tenant referencing on your behalf and check that the tenant has a right to rent.  Remember this is the person you are handing the keys to your property to – and with that comes risk. If you don’t thoroughly check out the details, you’ll never know how reliable the tenant may or may not be – but with our help you will.

Regulation is there for a reason

At Your Move we’ve got great lettings teams available in our branches – who have in depth knowledge of local markets – as well as a central team of experts too; including specialists who monitor ever changing legislation and other developments in the industry and then educate our teams – and you – as a result. There are currently more than 30 pieces of discrete legislation surrounding letting out property which 'DIY landlords' need to be familiar with. If you engage us to manage your property, we look after this for you.  A prime example was how well, and how quickly, we responded to the Covid-19 crisis, ensuring the impact on our landlords was minimised and demonstrating, once again, that regulation is there to protect you as much as the tenant.                                       

Don’t make it a 24/7 job

With so much time and effort often involved, especially if maintenance issues arise, regulatory checks are needed or there’s a tenant dispute, it’s nice to know you’ve got someone there to help you. It’s especially true if life events come along that make it difficult for you to manage your let or you just decide you’d like a holiday – we all need a break from it sometime. The good news too is that by using Your Move, you get access to a Landlord Portal that details all you need to know about your let whenever and wherever you may be.    

We’ll offer you 3 months free         

We've currently got a great offer available. From 4th May – 31st July 2021 we’ll charge no management fee on our Fully Managed Service to landlords who come to Your Move for the first time (*). Our package includes tenant referencing, preparation of tenancy agreements, rent collection, monthly statements, pursuance of tenant arrears (and support in servicing notices, as required) debt control and recovery, accounts support as well as dealing with property maintenance issues – and there’s options for so much more. It’s a great opportunity to benefit from our service and to experience the relief of being a landlord who is confident that everything is being taken care of.

Want to find out more? Contact your local branch or visit our website.

Are you an existing Your Move landlord who’d like to move to a Fully Managed Service? You could benefit too – ask your local branch for details.(*)

(*) Terms & Conditions apply  

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