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Model home on beach

What is gazumping, and is it legal?

Once you've found the perfect property to buy, the last thing you want it t...
Person looking at their tablet computer

Understanding 'Greyfield' land, a new approach to housing development

What is greyfield land, and how can the development of greyfield land help ...
Football pitch

Celebrating the kick-off to the Euros

The Euros 2024 is finally here and we're excited to see Europe come togethe...
Family in the garden

How much value can a garden add to your home?

When the sun does come out! Many of us seize the first opportunity to ste...
Top 5 commercial properties for sale

Top five commercial properties for sale

This commercial unit is also a four bedroom HMO, with planning permission t...

What is the average house price in Scotland?

The average price for a Scottish home has risen dramatically since 2019, a...

How to make the move from renting to owning easier

We understand that tenants don't want to rent their entire lives, but often...
Top properties for sowing and growing

Top 5 properties for sowing and growing

Impressive family home with vegetable plot and greenhouse Detached perio...
Row of houses

How to choose the right location when buying a new home

A key consideration when search for a new home is location. 
Top 6 homes in the countryside

Six brilliant homes in the countryside

This month we've selected six of the most brilliant homes in the countrysid...
Couple cudddling on the sofa

The Own New Rate Reducer Scheme | Buy a new home

A helpful guide to the Own New Rate Reducer scheme aimed at new build home ...
Mother and daughter on windowsill

Five reasons why now is a great time to move

It has been a promising start to 2024 for the UK property market, and we th...

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