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Five things for your house viewing checklist [infographic]

Posted 22/06/2018 by Your Move
Categories: Buying, Tenants

Viewing a house can be a daunting process, especially when doing it for the first time. But we're here to help you. These are our five top tips for viewing a house, if you get these ticked off your checklist, you should find your dream home in no time. 

1. Drive By

First impressions count. If you’re interested in a property, you should definitely drive by to check out the neighbourhood and think about whether you can actually see yourself living there. Why not drive around the nearby streets too?

2. Write a list

You should always be prepared. Before your viewing, make sure you write a detailed list of everything you want to know. Examples might include ‘What work has been done before?’ or ‘What’s included in the property? Can I keep the oven?’

3. Don't be afraid to ask

Things like ultility bills and council tax can become quite pricey. Therefore, you should ask if you can see a bill so you know what to expect if you were to make the property your home.

4. Look out for damp

Everyone wants to avoid the dreaded discovery of damp in their home. Our top tip is to keep a lookout during your viewings. Look for things such as peeling paint, stains on the ceiling and steamed up windows.

5. Be Friendly

Good relationships always help a smoother sale. If you’re friendly and build a rapport with the seller you’ll be more memorable and they’ll be more likely to accept your offer, making you a homeowner!


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