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How much value can a garden add to your home?

Posted 24/05/2024 by Your Move
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When the sun does come out! Many of us seize the first opportunity to step into our gardens to enjoy the weather. Spaces that might have been largely ignored during a rainy spring suddenly become a vital extension of our homes' living areas. Gardens offer a variety of practical and personal benefits that enhance the value of our homes and can positively impact our overall well-being.

There is a significant and measurable value to gardens in terms of property prices. Recent data suggests that a landscaped garden can increase a home's value by up to 77%. However, the value of gardens varies by region and is particularly significant in urban areas where green space is scarce, as well as depending on the garden's size. Research has shown that 50% of homeowners consider a well-designed garden to be as important or more important than a well-designed kitchen or bathroom, highlighting the importance of thoughtful design.

The diverse uses of gardens contribute to their variable value. A survey revealed that the most popular use of gardens is for relaxation, while other important uses include spaces for children to play and areas for household pets. The shift to homeworking post-pandemic has also led to a rise in garden offices, adding another practical use for outdoor space and potentially increasing house value by an estimated £15,000. The pandemic saw a surge in garden investments, with £16 billion spent in the year following the first lockdown. These investments likely boosted home values, as the exterior appearance of a home is often the first thing buyers notice.

Yet, the value of a garden extends beyond financial considerations. Spending time outdoors can positively impact mental health and overall well-being, a fact many discovered during the pandemic. Various mental health benefits were reported from time spent in gardens.

The effects of outdoor time can even be quantified in physical health terms. A psychiatrist found that within 3 or 4 minutes of being in a garden, people's heart rate and blood pressure decreased. Gardens foster a sense of connection with nature, encouraging responsible environmental stewardship, which can benefit everyone's health. Additionally, gardens often enable pet ownership, which can positively affect mental well-being; 87% of dog owners and 82% of cat owners report that their pets make them mentally healthier.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to private or communal gardens, but for nearly 90% of people who do, they are undeniably valuable assets. Even without private green space, simply looking out of a window onto a green view can provide positive mental health benefits. Emotional connections to homes are often built on feelings of refreshment and peace derived from green views. Recognising the benefits of gardens, new build home construction has seen an increase in garden sizes by up to 20% since 2013. Developers are also increasingly designing developments to incorporate green spaces that benefit entire communities.

When house hunting, it is essential to recognise the numerous advantages gardens offer you and your family. Gardens can hold significant value for resale, serve many practical purposes, and contribute to overall health and well-being.

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Source: LSL Land & New Homes

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