Landlords need to keep it together

June 7, 2021Categories: Landlords
Landlords need to keep it together

With recent research highlighting that nearly a third of landlords surveyed have recently bought another buy-to-let property, or intend to buy one within the next nine months (*), it’s clear that many are confident that the current demand for rental property will continue but, say Your Move, more properties could bring more work – unless, of course, you have the support of a good lettings agent who can manage them all, on your behalf.

Hannah Davies, National Lettings Director for Your Move commented:

“We’re definitely seeing strong demand for rental property and, in turn, landlords are appreciating the opportunities this presents but, equally, we know this can bring more work to them. 

In response we’re encouraging landlords to consider having their property portfolios – on a fully managed basis - with just one agent to ensure that they, and their agent, have a clear view of what properties they have, their rental income, important dates, maintenance issues and regulatory requirements (considering that there’s more than 30 items of regulations this is really important) and there’s so much more. By keeping it together, their property portfolio can be managed more efficiently.

Having two or even more agents managing your portfolio (perhaps in different parts of the country) can bring multiple issues including masses of communications (sometimes about the same topics), different banking arrangements and requirements or agreements and, at the same time, the need to keep ‘on top’ of them all. One agent, however, with one system should ensure a more streamlined approach and, if using an agent like Your Move, you’ve also got the advantage of having a central support team on hand, at all times, that can offer assistance on all aspects of your property portfolio – no matter where your properties might be. It simply makes sense to keep it together.”

Good News: If you are a landlord, new to Your Move, we’re offering you the opportunity to take advantage of our Fully Managed Service FREE for three months (**)

And, for existing Your Move landlords, who may have properties being managed elsewhere, we’re also offering 3 months management fee FREE and the chance to switch any existing Tenant Find or Rent Collection Service agreement to our Fully Managed one – free of charge for one month (*)

More details can be found about our landlord services on our website or please contact your local branch for details.

(*)The Deposit Protection Service and Zephyr Homeloans

(**)Terms & Conditions apply