Spring is here - time to crack on with some spring cleaning!

March 22, 2016Tags: Tips | Advice | spring | Property advice
Spring is here - time to crack on with some spring cleaning!

This weekend marked the official start of spring! With the change of the season, it spurs us on to dust off any of the last remaining winter cobwebs and begin our spring clean. With an abundance of hints and tips available on the internet it makes it easier than ever to get in the mood to spruce up your home.  

I think the key is to tackle one area or room at a time - there are lots of free printable cleaning checklists online which can help. If you still feel cleaning is an arduous task, why not put your favourite music on as motivation or get the rest of your household involved and give a prize for the person who has done the best job?

A word from the team

To get another viewpoint on this, I asked the Your Move marketing team what their spring cleaning plans are.  

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Mel, our PR Manager told me she has already started and completed the kitchen and pantry. “As the kitchen seems to be the hub of the house I’m keen to keep it nice and clean. I think as soon as the better weather arrives it spurs me into action” added Mel.

Spring cleaningSome saw spring cleaning as an opportunity to move things around and utilise space “I have used an over the door hanger (the sort for hanging coats and hats) for my cupboard under the sink”, it makes getting to things easier “rather than having to move everything to find what I need” offered Sarah, Digital Marketing Officer. Your Move’s Emarketing Officer, Alex, is planning to use the Easter weekend as an opportunity to re-organise, “I have a little cupboard for my ironing board, hoover and other bits so I am hoping to get some shelves popped in here for all my other bits and bobs too, such as bedding and towels.”

Some of the team shared their cleaning tips too. Digital Marketing Manager, Ruth, uses “an old toothbrush to clean the grout” in the shower by using “a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and bleach to make a paste (in an old jam jar).” Alex, our Emarketing Manager contributes that she finds “wipes extremely useful for the hard to reach places; I have wrapped a wipe around a pencil before to get into corners!”

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There are also incentives to clean, who knows what you might find. Emma, our Brand Manager, came across “2 x iTunes vouchers, both with £20 credit on them, lots of forgotten photos and even the manual for my washing machine” in her spring clean! 

Spring cleaning doesn’t just take place inside either- the warmer weather is an incentive to get outdoors too. Stuart, Assistant Brand Manager, is planning to put his plant pots to good use by hopefully growing “herbs, tomatoes, and maybe some spinach.” He wants to “make 2016 the year that I actually finally become green fingered and make use of those plant pots.”

So, whatever your plans this spring, from redecorating to giving unwanted and unused items to charity or just a good old clean now’s the time to start…

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