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Your Move promotes the benefits of OLIO, the app that makes it easy to share household items, for free

Posted 22/09/2021 by Your Move
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In support of the National Recycling Week we’re delighted to announce that Your Move is one of the first UK estate/letting agencies to join forces in promoting the benefits of OLIO, the free sharing app that provides opportunities for homeowners, landlords and tenants who are looking to giveaway, or find, household items – for free.

What is OLIO?

It’s become known as a way to connect neighbours and local businesses, originally allowing surplus food (i.e. food that’s nearing its sell by date, spare home-grown food or fresh food that won’t last much longer) to be shared, not thrown away. Now they are also offering the chance for household items to be shared too, for free, via their app. 

What's in it for Your Move customers? 

Home movers or landlords: When moving home, or perhaps refurbishing your property as a landlord or new homeowner, you may realise that existing furniture is no longer needed or other household items won’t ‘fit’ into the property you own. Often the only option is to take the items to the tip or arrange for disposal elsewhere; usually at your expense. The OLIO app gives users the chance to recycle the items and allow others (and the environment) to benefit. 

Tenants. Tenants or new homeowners often welcome the chance to get second hand furniture or items for their new home, especially if funds are tight, and OLIO could be the place to find them - for free.

What is classed as a household item?

Items such as sofas, beds, cabinets, pots, pans, cutlery and so much more are considered household items; anything that is useful for day to day living. Items should be safe to use; although it will be up to the person who chooses them to decide if they are.

What is Your Move's involvement?

Your Move will have no involvement in the arrangement between the person offering the item, and the person who chooses to take it. We’re simply promoting the app and the benefits it can bring so why not find out more via our website or via your nearest branch.

Overall we think this is a great opportunity for our customers – and, importantly, a great way, as OLIO state:  to build a more sustainable future where our most precious resources are shared, not thrown away.

It is important that before using the OLIO app that you refer to its terms and conditions, particularly in relation to the risk, health and safety aspects of using it. The terms and conditions are available here. Landlords should also ensure that they conduct full safety checks on furniture and furnishings within properties they let, as required by law.

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