Decorating & furnishing your rental

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Decorating and furnishing your rental

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Getting the décor and furnishings right may not always improve the value of your property but can help improve your chances of securing a tenant in a competitive market, and reduce the time your property is empty.

Colour Schemes

As a general rule neutral is considered the best way to go as it will appeal to more people, and will easily go with any furniture and furnishings.

When choosing paint use a satin finish so that it will be easy to clean walls in between tenancies and reduce the remedial work to get the property ready for the next tenant. Use high durability paints that contain acrylic or latex to cut down on the need for redecoration. If you need a quick turnaround between tenants use water based acrylic paint which dries quickly.


Go for a mid tone carpet that won’t show dirt or stains. Cheap carpets may be appealing, but are less likely to last especially with regular professional cleaning. So choose the best quality flooring you can afford. Light carpets are difficult to maintain, and show dirt and stains too easily.

Carpets are generally preferred in sleeping areas, but good quality laminate or wooden floors are good for high traffic living areas.


Providing a furnished property can be a godsend to tenants who are on temporary working contracts and can help show off your property.

Ensure that each room has the basics covered:

  • Lounge – sofa and side table
  • Dining area/room – table and chairs
  • Bedroom – bed and bedside tables

If you are aiming at students you may want to invest in a desk and chair to meet their study needs.

White Goods

Supplying white goods in your rental may also be an added incentive to achieve a quick rental. The minimum would be cooker, washing machine and fridge/freezer.

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