How to give your bedroom a New Year's overhaul for a better night's sleep

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2019 is finally upon us, which means you're probably looking for ways to ensure this year is your best one yet. You might've made all of your New Year's resolutions for spending, keeping fit, and spending more time enjoying your hobbies, but on your list should also be making an effort to get more — or better quality — sleep each night.Dormeo

One of the simplest and most effective way of getting better rest is by updating your sleeping space so it's as calming as possible. To help you with this, we've asked Phil Lawlor, Sleep Expert at the leading mattress specialist Dormeo, to share some of his tips for creating the most tranquil sleep haven possible. Here's what he recommended.

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Declutter your space

I would always recommend tidying your room on a regular basis in order to keep it free of clutter because, not only can having a tidy space help you to fall asleep much quicker each night, but it can also improve the quality of the rest you get. This is due to the fact that living in a cluttered space can stress you out so sleeping in a clean and organised space can help you to feel much more relaxed.

Throw away, sell, or donate, anything you no longer have a use for and, if your space still looks chaotic, consider investing in some new storage solutions to hide away anything you want to keep. Once you've done this, your room should immediately feel much more peaceful.

Create a cleaning schedule to maintain your space

Once your bedroom is clean and tidy, your work won't be done — you'll have to ensure you maintain it, or you'll end up back at square one. And, not only will clutter soon begin to disrupt your peace again but, if dust is allowed to settle around your room, this could aggravate any allergies you might have, making it even more difficult for you to get a decent night's sleep.

The easiest way to keep your room in the best shape possible is by devising a cleaning routine that you're able to stick to. Even if you simply set aside ten minutes a day to give your space a once over, it'll make a huge difference. Alternatively, you could devote one day a week to clearing away mess, and another to cleaning any surfaces, changing your bed sheets, and hoovering your carpet.

Keep things calm and neutral

It's not just mess that can have an adverse effect on the quality of your sleep, either: if your décor is particularly busy or bright, this could also keep you from having a good night's sleep. So, if you declutter your space, give it a deep clean, and still aren't feeling the benefits, consider whether you could tone down the design of your space in order to give it a more soothing vibe.

If you think the colour of your bedroom walls might be contributing to your lack of quality sleep, consider giving them a calming update by painting them a more neutral colour. 

If you want to ensure you get more high-quality sleep in 2019, take these tips onboard to ensure your bedroom is a tranquil haven that's going to support you in getting enough rest each night. By having a declutter, staying on top of things, and reconsidering your décor if it feels overwhelming, you should start to see a difference straight away.

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