Wayne Hills Fire-Walks Against Juvenile Diabetes

February 16, 2016Categories: Community and CharityTags: Charity, Challenge
Wayne Hill Fire-Walks Against Juvenile Diabetes

On 20th March Wayne Hills, Branch Manager in Faversham, will be taking part in a fire-walking charity event to raise money for diabetics research through the Diabetes Research Foundation Ltd (JDRF).

Wayne explains: "My nephew, sister and some friends have Type 1 Diabetes which isn’t caused by poor diet or an unhealthy lifestyle but is an autoimmune condition which means your immune system – which is meant to protect you from viruses and bacteria – attacks and destroys the insulin producing cells in your pancreas. It can, in the extreme, lead to damage to nerves, blood vessels and organs and so research into the condition, and a potential cure, is vital. 

"I’m taking part in a fire walk where I’ll be walking bare foot over red-hot embers measuring around 800 degrees. By taking part I hope, through sponsorship, to raise money for JDRF who support those who suffer from the condition to effectively manage and live with the condition, without changing their lifestyle, and also support research to find further treatments, preventions or a cure for it. The event will take place on 20 March at Willow Farm Equestrian Centre in Faversham where, according to the organisers, it should be a blazing success."

You can support Wayne's fundraising. Click here to visit his Just Giving page.