When to take action against suspected scams and fraud 

There are many ways fraudsters can obtain sensitive information. Protect yourself with confidence by knowing what to look out for.

Follow these steps first to help decide if you need to get in touch some:

Remember we will never ask you to make a payment to us via social media or via email. We take the security of your data and information very seriously. We will NEVER ask you to make a payment for anything via social media or ask you to share information from your payment cards with us in this way. We have strict processes for this sort of transaction which only operate via colleagues in our branches. If you are ever unsure about whether any contact from us is genuine, please contact your local branch yourself by phone and speak to one of the team.

1. Regularly check your bank statements or list of transactions for items that look new or unusual.

2. If you see a card payment that you don’t recognise and you think it might be our company please check with our colleagues because some of our companies use a different company name to the one you know them by. Ring your local branch to check. 
3. Have you signed up to a subscription, or taken advantage of a free trial where you’ve been asked to enter your card details? This might explain an unexpected payment.
4. Have you asked joint account holders, or additional cardholders if they recognise the transaction?
5. Your bank will also have 24/7 security support and if you are concerned you should contact them

Still think you may need to get in touch about possible fraud?

  • If you think you’ve been the victim of a scam or fraud, call your local branch straight away and they will contact our Security Team or if you would prefer to write directly to us, email phishing@lslps.co.uk
  • Telling us everything about the situation gives us the best possible chance identify what action you need to take.
  • This may involve us asking you to contact your own bank to resolve the situation

Reporting suspicious calls, emails and texts

  • Please get in touch to report a potential scam. You can forward any suspicious emails, SMS texts or messages to phishing@lslps.co.uk
  • Remember not to add any personal details to any emails you send to us.
  • If you receive a suspicious text, report it to your network operator. Simply forward the text to OFCOM via 7726. You’ll get an automated response and may be asked to send more information. Forwarding messages to 7726 won’t cost you anything. You will need to retain the number the text came from to assist OFCOM.

How we’ll help if you fall victim to fraud

When we receive any information that suggests that you have fallen victim to fraud as a result of your arranging a product or service from us. We’ll work with any other organisations (such as your bank) as needed to help you recover as much of your money as we can. 

Reporting fraud to the police

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting centre for fraud and cybercrime where you should report fraud if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber-crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland: Visit Action Fraud

In Scotland, all reports of fraud and any other financial crime should be reported to Police Scotland immediately on 101. Visit Police Scotland