Secure card payments

More on security for online card payments, and the extra layer of protection when shopping online with your credit or debit card.

How we take card payments

We will never ask for payment for any of our services via social media, email or SMS text and neither do our clients so if you are approached by someone purporting to be a Landlord or Seller please contact the relevant branch as soon as possible and DO NOT share any personal information in this way.

  • Under no circumstances will we ever ask you to send us your payment card details in ANY form especially via email, SMS text or social media
  • Initial or ad-hoc payments are ALWAYS taken with you directly on the phone via a secure payment service we provide
  • Regular payments are usually made via a standing order or direct debit arrangement
  • We will never send you a link to make a payment via email or other means
  • If you receive a communication that you suspect is suspicious, call the branch BEFORE you do anything. We don't mind checking! 
  • Always use publicly available contact details for our branches such as the phone numbers on our websites
  • If you suspect a communication is malicious do not use the contact details contained within the email or SMS text and contact your branch.

Changing Bank Accounts

  • We will never contact you via email or other electronic communication to confirm your banking details
  • Our banking details should never change, but if they do then the branch will contact you directly
  • Before we make any changes to the bank account details we hold for you, we will confirm the changes to you separately